Site Guide

Positioning point design

This website is built according to the principles of barrier-free web design. The main content of the website is divided into three sections:

1. The upper functional block , 2. The middle main content area , 3. The lower information and menu area

The Access key of this website is set as follows:

  • Alt+U:The upper functional block, including website menu, homepage, and website navigation.
  • Alt+C:Main content area in the middle, this block lists the main content area of this website.
  • Alt+Z:information and menu area below.

For Firefox browser users, the way to use the Access key is Shift+Alt+( Access key letter), for example, Shift+Alt+C will jump to the central block of the webpage, and so on.

※ When the item tab of this website cannot be selected with the mouse, you can use the following keyboard operations to browse the information:

  • ← → or ↑↓: Press the left and right keys or the up and down keys to move the label order.
  • Home or End→: You can jump directly to the first or last item of the label.
  • Tab: After staying on this label, you can use the Tab key to jump to the content to browse the data. When encountering the radio button, please cooperate with the ← → or ↑ ↓ key to move the item order.
  • Tab + Shift: Press Tab + Shift to jump back to the previous data; when you jump back to the tab item, you can continue to use the ← → or ↑ ↓ keys to move the tab sequence.

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